27 July, 2006

Good evening, and now we begin some ranting. I am as yet, unsure of what form this blog will eventually take, whether it be a platform for my personal gripes and successes (I'm hoping to shy away from this), or a soapbox from which to express my "enlightened view of the world" for all to marvel and ridicule.

As aforementioned, I'm working on the hopefull goal of writing every day, but sadly, I feel as I'm doing this out of conviction to that rule more than anything else. I'm tired, I'm hot, and to be honest, the things bouncing around in my head I do not believe is either (1) appropriate or (2) brief enough to express in tonight's posting. I hope to refrain from personal issues, as this is not a displaying post for all the world to see the intricacies of my life as well as (and more importantly) those around me whom I love. I guess that I answered the above question for that matter.

Lately, there's been some thoughts of mine on economics and how that works, but I feel a bit under-educated to formally discuss my views on "socialism." The previous sentence really exists solely for the purpose of reminding myself what to rant about next time I'm on here... hopefully, there will be said post.

Once I figure out the higher arts of this site, I might set-up a poll of a variety (most likely something stupid, like webcomics). Who likes Questionable Content? I'm afraid to say that I've been addicted to the archives lately. Go indie me.

My eyes hurt.

Wow, what a let-down after the Whitmanian finish to the previous post.

25 July, 2006

It would be best to open this weblog with a quote of the likes from Whitman or Thoreau; to begin with something transcendental, I believe would be quite appropriate for the beginnings of my writing. My name is Philip, I live in New England, and am currently in varied stages of reconstruction. Recently, I have had life-changes, and tectonic shifts often do not allow for absolute continuity (few things indeed do...); I think that this chronicle of my thoughts and the like will allow for further growth. As well, as of course, allowing the world (or the scattered folk who shall read this) an insight to my ideas and thoughts.
What am I today? This is a question I wake up with-- consciously or not-- most mornings. I think that as re-invention sets in, I find myself moving toward a long-ignored passion, returning to philosophy. Of course, like many, many others, I thought myself to once be an intrepid observer of the world around me. If not for the science, than society, or theology, or politics, but at my core as a high schooler, I thought myself a philosopher before all else. Is this move sophomoric? Regression? Returning to an idealized part of my life when responsibilities were few and futures "certain"? I cannot answer these, but I would hope this newer me is a growth rather than a regression.
There was once a formal study of philosophy which I was once a part: As a freshman in college, I was a cocky, self-important ass fresh out of senior year who probably did not take philosophy as seriously as it deserved. An interesting class, of course, but I found to much "fuzziness", which further drove my direction toward hard sciences. Yet, now that the base of hard sciences is gone, what is fuzzy? what is concrete? I have since returned to those which I last read at the turn of the century-- Thoreau and others, as well as the "canonicals", Plato, Aristotle, with plans on revisiting Kafka, Schopenhauer [sic], and others as I have a frimer footing.
No one is to say where this is going, to where I shall lead myself, my thoughts, and most importantly, the life which I share with my wonderful wife.

"I celebrate myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

I loafe and invite my soul,
I lean and loafe at my ease...observing a spear of summer's grass"