17 February, 2007

Sweet, sweet vacation. It doesn't really feel like it-- I'm still wired to prepare for work again on Monday. I report to this readerless rant from Long Island, New York, as Meg and I are staying with her parents for the weekend. I've decided to give up on posting something deep and useful here and try to get into the habit of just doing this on a semi-daily basis.

I'm surrounded by people. Guess this will have to wait until later

12 February, 2007

Good evening, I think that this is beginning to look more like a non-suck site. This post is as much a test for me as it is an update for you. Let's see how else I can eliminate the suck from the site and replace it with some awesome

Please, just please, don't look at this horrid, horrid mess of a webpage. I tried to ignore this for some sixteen months, but it wouldn't work. We're in the process of re-building (hopefully).

As usual, my desire to be a part of the zeigeist has taken a hold of me, so I'mputting up this site again. As you can see from the previous blog, it's been a while. When I looked at this site for the first time in months, I saw how amateur it looked and vowed to fix it up (let's see just how long I actually go through on this).

First order of business is to remember how the hell I organized this crap in the first place, then to actually learn html or maybe php so that it doesn't appear that I have the skills of a talented 13-year old.

I'm tired now. Yeah, I think I'll hook-up Blogger or something.
Thanks for listening to the rant